Complete operating instructions for your specific locking device can be found in the lock manufacturer’s guide located inside your product. If this information is missing or damaged, please contact Schwab Technical Service at 800-428-7678, and we will be happy to issue you a new one.

For technical support, please select the following Technical Service number or website that corresponds with your particular lock:

La Gard
(24 hours a day / 7 days a week)
949-574-2860 Fax

Kaba Mas
888-950-4715 ext. 421

Sargent & Greenleaf
800-826-7652 ext. 260

Getting Started with Digital Locks - Open/Close the Lock
1. If your lock is not battery powered, power the lock by briskly turning the dial back and forth in both directions until simultaneous green and red flashes on display.

  • Single access-One slow green flash displays.
  • Dual access-Two short green flashes display. Enter second combination. (Do not turn the dial between combination entries.) One slow green flash displays.

2. Position dial to cover red bar and enter combination. *To cancel combination entry, press Clear.
3. Dial right (Clockwise) within ten second window to retract bolt.
4. To close lock, dial left (Counterclockwise) until red bar is covered (i.e., bolt is closed).
*Five wrong tries = 3 minute (maximum) lockout. Each consecutive wrong try after first five = 3 minute lockout.

Note: Three red flashes indicate an error


Service Parts
Service parts are available through your dealer, or you may purchase them directly from Schwab. It is very important that, if replacement parts or accessories are required, you use only genuine Schwab parts. Other brands may not be interchangeable, and you may damage your product.

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