A Schwab Safe Means Peace of Mind
Media Safes / Record Safes

Disaster always strikes when least expected. Don't let your business records go unprotected. Make Schwab an important part of your disaster preparedness plan.

When you think of Schwab, you typically think of fire. However Schwab is also a critical safeguard for all kinds of disasters. Fires often result from broken gas mains or electrical wires during tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes. The loss of confidential information can also be a disaster.

Some businesses use offsite storage, but sacrifice easy access to their records and pay costly monthly fees. Schwab provides a reasonably priced alternative to offsite storage and offers you and your staff much greater convenience. In many situations it complements offsite storage, providing interim security before movement to offsite areas.

Schwab has a full line of safes ready to shield your vital business records from destruction, and at the same time add to the attractiveness of your office.

By storing your business records in a Schwab safe, you ensure that if there is fire in the beginning, there will be survival in the end.

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