Media Cabinets
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While paper documents can withstand temperatures up to 350ºF, computer media is damaged by temperatures above 125ºF and 80 percent humidity. Microfiche, film, and computer media require the added protection that a Schwab media cabinet offers.

Please note the media interior components from which you can choose. Media cabinets can be accessorized in a variety of ways to meet your specific needs. Also, these accessories can be easily changed as storage requirements evolve.

Standard Features
Every Schwab cabinet is engineered to meet the strictest industry requirements for fire protection. But fire-insulated cabinets designed for storage of paper documents cannot provide adequate protection for computer media. That's why Schwab offers a complete line of media and record cabinets. Choose the type that will best satisfy your needs.

Just because they've been redesigned to look even better doesn't mean these Schwab products have lost any of their toughness. Selecting an optional dial or digital combination lock instead of the standard key lock will convert any cabinet into a safe. Schwab's seamless construction, concealed hinges, handle and lock will change your perception of what a safe should look like.

Each cabinet is available in two attractive colors - off-white and gray. Trimmed in charcoal, the result is very attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Caster base and/or floor mounts are optional accessories for Schwab cabinets.

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