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TRIDENT® The World's First ETL VERIFIED Fire File for Water Protection

Independently tested by Intertek to Schwab Corp. specification:
File Cabinet Water Resistance Standards, Edition 1.0, 10/10/2007. Intertek is accredited by the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Contact Schwab Corp. for more information.

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Example of Trident D-B Seal Application

Did you know that 95% of all fires have water present? With water comes water damage, which can be a more common and more serious threat to your valuable records than the actual fire itself. In the event your files are in a different location than where fire is present, your files may still be subject to devastating water damage as a result of sprinkler and/or extinguisher spray. To address this ever-important need, Schwab brings you the all new TRIDENT, the world’s first ETL verified fire file for water protection.

Schwab is proud to announce we have received Intertek’s ETL verification for water protection on our TRIDENT line of fire files. TRIDENT products have been tested to benchmark specifications identified by Schwab and now carry Intertek’s ETL verified mark for water resistance --- a breakthrough in the industry.

Intertek specializes in electrical product safety testing, EMC testing and benchmark performance testing. They are among the industry leaders in their scope of testing accreditations. With more than 70 offices and laboratories on 6 continents, Intertek is considered to be a global leader.

Superior Product Design
Schwab’s exclusive contemporary product design safeguard’s against water damage. Our unparalleled seamless construction of the Schwab file cabinet, coupled with an inner steel vault, is the only design that makes forced entry impossible to conceal as well as offers maximum fire protection. This seamless outer wrapper, along with a sealed back panel, also prevents entry of water.

Superior Materials
Insulite™, the most efficient insulation in the industry, is the substance used by Schwab to insulate the file against fire and heat
damage. Insulite is cleaner and lighter weight than insulation used by competitors and it does not absorb water. This directly prevents contact of water to your paper documents and other contents through decomposed insulation in the event of water damage. With our inner steel jacket design, further water damage is prevented to consecutive drawers, even if one drawer is left open. Each drawer and its steel liner combine to make individual vaults.

Superior Innovation
We started with a superior seamless design to help protect against entry of water, then utilized our superior insulation material to prevent contact of water to documents. We further extend water protection by adding our revolutionary high temperature D-B Seal™ technology --- which is the key to achieving the ETL verification for water protection on our TRIDENT fire files. The proprietary D-B Seal technology is applied to the joint where the drawer head, the outer cabinet, and the inner steel vault meet, thus creating a highly engineered water-tight seal that is impenetrable by water spray.

If your vital records are worth the extra protection, you need the All New TRIDENT, the World's First ETL Verified Fire File for Water Protection.

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Schwab Corp. TRIDENT® Fire & Water Resistant Files All Schwab Corp. water resistant file cabinets feature a 1-hour UL Rated Class 350 rating and the UL 72 rating. Schwab Corp. is the most trusted name in the manufacturing of fire resistant files, data & media safes, cabinets and vault, file and saferoom doors. To speak to an experienced customer service representative call Toll Free 1-800-428-7678.

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