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An Inside Look at Schwab Fire File Construction

Quality - A Peek Inside Schwab Fire Files

1. SEAMLESS CONSTRUCTION is more contemporary and stylish than older methods where each surface is a separate panel with a seam.

2. INSULITE™, the most effective insulation in the industry, provides maximum protection with thinner walls and less weight than competitors' insulation. Because Insulite does not contain free water its ability to provide fire protection is not effected by time.

3. DURABLE -Schwab's durable baked on finish is available in a variety of attractive colors with custom colors available on special order.

4. ERGONOMICS - Recessed handles have label holders that can be easily seen without kneeling, even on lower drawers.

5. SECURITY - Standard plunger key lock secures all drawers. Other locking options, including a Medeco security key lock, are available.

6. DEPENDABLE - Schwab's drawers roll smoothly and freely on a rugged suspension system even when fully loaded.

7. FIRE SAFE - Every file drawer is completely insulated, making each one independently fire resistant. If a drawer is accidentally left open and fire strikes, this feature will halt the spread of fire throughout the entire file.

8. THEFT PROTECTION -An inner-steel drawer jacket prevents entry into a locked drawer from an unlocked compartment. It also keeps insulation dust from contaminating your files.

9. FLEXIBILITY - All Class 350, legal-sized drawers are slotted for movable hanging bars to provide the convenient flexibility of using either legal-, A-4, folio- or letter-sized hanging file folders.

10. INTERLOCKING DRAWERS - Insulated, interlocking drawer joints provide a tight seal for the drawers in the event of a fire.

11. UL RATED PROTECTION - Every Schwab file is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Classified as either Fire Resistant or Fire and Impact Resistant


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