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Schwab Corp Fireproof Filing Cabinets - High Security Record Protection
for Paper Documents, Computer Media & Medical Records

The fireproof filing cabinet lines from Schwab Corp are the most failsafe fireproof filing cabinets made today. Since 1872 Schwab has made High Security, Fire Protection & Affordability go hand-in-hand.

Available in 2, 3, and 4 drawer models - for both Lateral, Vertical and Side Tab / End Tab fireproof filing of vital records, computer data & media, and medical records.

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Schwab Corp offers only the highest quality protection fireproof filing cabinets in the world. With a complete line of both vertical and lateral files, the Schwab Corp Fireproof Files will give you peace of mind - knowing you are protected in the event of a disaster. Protecting your vital records against fire, flood, sprinkler systems and hurricanes is our number one priority. With proven BEST DESIGN, APPEARANCE & PROTECTION - The New Era of Schwab Corp is leading the competition with SUPERIOR QUALITY, DELIVERY & CUSTOMER SUPPORT.

For immediate assistance with your fireproof file cabinet needs, Call one of Schwab Corp’s experienced customer service representatives Toll-Free 1-800-428-7678

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