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Schwab Series 5000 2 Hr.
Fire and Impact Rated Vertical Fire Files

The Schwab Series 5000 UL Class 350-2 Hour Fire and Impact Rated Vertical fire file cabinet undergoes some of the most rigorous testing done by Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. for the classification of 'Records Protection Equipment'. The 2 hour fire endurance test requires the file to be heated to 1850°F in 2 hours. The explosion test requires an empty furnace to be heated to 2000°F, the file is placed inside and the furnace is re-heated to and kept at 2000°F for 30 minutes. The 2 Hour impact testing requires the file to be heated to 1640°F in 45 minutes, dropped 30 feet on a pile of bricks, turned up-side-down and put back in the furnace for 45 more minutes. The Schwab Series 5000 2 Hour Vertical Fire and Impact Rated file has met all the above outlined specifications set forth by UL, in addition to all of it's superior features.

Our 4CF2C-5000 2 Hour Rated 4 Drawer File Cabinet is one of the best choices for vital record protection on the market today. Available in 2, 3, or 4 drawer models to meet any office record storage requirements.

High Security Lock
High Security

UL Rated Class 350 One Hour
UL Class 350
Fire Rating
UL Explosion Rating

UL Impact Resistant Rating
30 ft Impact

Product Specifications / High Security Lock Options
Customized Accessories / Color Options


Seamless Secure Construction
Recessed Handles
Fire, Impact & Explosion Ratings
• Independently Fire Secure Drawers

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Schwab Corp. Vertical Fire Files
These Schwab Corp. water resistant file cabinets feature a UL Class 350-2 hour rating. Schwab Corporation is the most trusted name in the manufacturing of fire resistant files, data & media safes, cabinets and vault, file and saferoom doors. To speak to an experienced customer service representative call Toll Free 1-800-428-7678.

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