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No other form of vital paper record protection is as fail-safe, dependable or convenient as that provided by Schwab's Series 5000 line of fire files. Available in two-, three- and four-drawer models in both letter and legal sizes, the Series 5000 comes with follower blocks and frames for hanging folders. File interiors can be customized to fit any number of special filing applications and have flexible options such as the drawer-in-a-drawer for check filing or index cards.

Each Schwab Series 5000 vertical file is 31" deep with 26" of front-to-back filing space and comes with a UL Class 350-1 Hr. rating. Those rated as fire resistant assure protection from temperatures reaching 1700� F for one hour - far greater than the normal business fire. Those rated as fire and impact resistant add the extra assurance that if the file falls through a floor, up to 30 feet, or is hit by falling beams or debris, the drawers will not jar open.

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