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UL Rated Medeco Security Lock
For those consumers who desire the extra protection that a security classified lock affords, the Medeco key lock design safeguards against lock picking, manipulation, drilling, pulling, and other forms of attack. Restricted key duplication protects against unauthorized key access. These features, combined with Schwab's unique file construction, yield the only fire file that is virtually impossible to break into without leaving distinct visible evidence.

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MAS-Hamilton Digital Lock
The superior design of this self-powered lock gives all the benefits of an electronic lock without the problems of batteries, wiring, or maintenance. An easy to see digit pad allows the user to open the lock in about seven seconds, or change the combination within a few minutes.

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Group 2 Combination Lock
The three-digit combination lock offers extra security and convenience to users.

Key Locking Group 2 Combination Lock
One way to achieve dual control, this three-digit combination lock won't operate until the key lock is opened. Dual control can also be achieved through use of multiple key locks, which prevent the file from opening unless all key locks are opened.

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Group 1R Combination Lock
The special design of this lock makes it difficult to manipulate open, or use x-ray technology to open, yet gives the user the extra security and convenience of a combination lock.
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