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Contact: Tony Lucido
General Manager
Schwab Corp.
(800) 447-7233

PRESS RELEASE – For Immediate Release


January 6, 2009 . . . (Lafayette, Indiana) Schwab Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of SentrySafe, is pleased to announce they have received the world’s first Intertek ETL verification for water protection on the Trident® family of fire files. Trident products have been tested to benchmark specifications identified by Schwab and now carry Intertek’s “ETL Verified” mark for water resistance. Commenting on the announcement, Schwab Corp’s General Manager Tony Lucido, stated, “We are very excited to have the world’s first ETL verified file for water protection. After achieving excellence
in fire and theft protection for our renowned line-up of file cabinets, we are now the only manufacturer to provide ETL verification on fire files that safeguard vital records against the perils of water damage. Intertek’s ETL verified mark on our TRIDENT line is a breakthrough in the industry.”

The ETL verification was accomplished by incorporating a revolutionary high temperature D-B Seal™ technology into the design of the file cabinet. The proprietary D-B Seal is applied to the joint where the drawer head, the outer cabinet and the inner steel vault meet, thus creating a highly engineered water-tight seal that is impenetrable by water spray. For specific details of the ETL verification of Trident products, visit the Schwab website at

Intertek specializes in electrical product safety testing, EMC testing and benchmark performance testing. They are among the industry leaders in their scope of testing and accreditations. With more than 70 offices and laboratories on six continents, they are considered to be a global leader.

The Trident® Series fire files carry a UL 350° 1-hour fire and impact resistance rating. In addition, Trident products include a Medeco® high security key locking system as standard equipment.

Schwab Corp., a leader in the field of vital records protection against fire and water damage, was founded in 1872. The company's headquarters are located in Lafayette, Indiana with its manufacturing facility in Cannelton, Indiana. On August 7, 2008, Schwab Corp. was acquired by SentrySafe, the Rochester, New York-based world leader in residential and small office security storage containers.

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