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The Media Manager, a compact 25" deep, two-drawer file, with one paper drawer and one media drawer, is also available. This model is the perfect solution for office workstations.

The paper record storage drawers are tested and rated by UL to be Class 350 - 1 Hr., indicating internal temperatures stay below 350�F when exterior temperatures reach 1700�F. During the same 1700�F test, media drawers were UL Classified to maintain an internal temperature below 125�F without exceeding the 80 percent humidity level. This stringent standard is required to protect computer media. The construction of each file protects against magnetic interference as well.

These files may be either right- or left-hinged to allow placement anywhere at home or in the office. They come standard with a multi-media storage insert in the Class 125 drawer, and a movable divider in the Class 350 drawer. The Class 350 drawer can also be easily upgraded to store hanging folders.

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Media Drawer Capacity Chart
Media type

Mixed Media

3 1/2" Diskettes 213
1/4" Tape Cartridges 22
Compact Discs 50
TK50/70 Cartridges 22
8mm Cartridges 48
4mm Cartridges 90

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