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Saving Your Business is Our Business

Northern States Power Company Fire
Date: February 11, 1991

The Station Blackout Project at Northern States Power Company's Prairie Island Nuclear Generating Plant suffered the misfortune of an office fire on February 11, 1991.

The loss to our project was devastating; our only glimmer of light was the survival of our project files thanks to our Schwab fire rated filing cabinets.

We had thirteen fully loaded fire files. All our records survived. We are eternally grateful.

- Susan Kocur-Wedrickas, Administrative Specialist

Northern State Power Company Northern State Power Company

Patio Foods Fire
Date: February 15, 1989

Patio Foods Fire Disaster

On February 15, 1989, Patio Foods was destroyed by fire. The fire completely destroyed the building, equipment, and contents at the restaurant. A fire inspector determined the cause of the fire originated in the basement area approximately 15 feet from the office and our Schwab safe. He determined this by locating the "hot spot" in the building. The heat of the fire was so intense it buckled and warped steel support beams 3/8 inch thick.

Everything was completely destroyed except our Schwab safe and its contents. Items salvaged in our safe included; recipes, check book, the nights receipts, rolls of coin, and some of our corporate records. Two ordinary file cabinets located next to or Schwab safe were completely destroyed along with their contents. I will definitely purchase a Schwab product again.

- E. Joseph Daum, Secretary/Treasurer

Natural Fire Disaster Photo Fire Disaster

Paxton & Ball, Inc. Explosion & Fire
Date: May 9, 1991

Paxton and Ball Exlposion and Fire Disaster

We recently experienced a devastating fire at our business. On May 9, 1991 an explosion occurred burning our warehouse and office structure to the ground. Our fire-proof safes were a bit charred, but everything inside was completely unharmed.

We are so thankful we made this investment.

- Ann Ball-Meedon

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