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100% Satisfied Customer Testimonials

Dreher Insurance Agency, Inc. Company Fire
Date: January 27, 2006

Fire at Cole Hardwoods Fire disaster photo

Dear Schwab Customer Service Representative,

Enclosed please find a copy of the article from our local newspaper. I outlined in red the exact location of my office.

Also enclosed are the horrific pictures I took of the interior damage (to our office). Your two FIREPROOF file cabinets are the ONLY really identifiable objects to be seen. Besides being so thankful everything inside them made it through the fire, next I was extremely satisfied with how long it took my two friends and I to pry open the drawers with a mini sledge hammer, crowbar and chisel due to the locks being melted down against the cabinet. I always wondered how effective they would be against a burglar...WOW did they ever pass the test.

"You and your company have been one of the very few rays of sunshine I had since the fire. Thank you so much for all your help and cooperation given in this matter".

- Roland W. Dreher, President

B & B Welding Company Fire
Date: February 8, 1989

Disaster Recovery from Fire

On February 8, 1989 an early morning fire destroyed the building and office contents of B&B; Welding Company., Inc.

As the news media questioned the status of our extensive computer system I realized the diskettes were stored nightly in the fire files.

Late in the day a fire inspector appeared at the scene. I confronted him concerning the files and he very carefully accompanied me into the burned premises. There amid the rubble stood our two Schwab files, their once shining black enamel finish was now blistered and buckled from the heat. I inserted the key, pulled out the drawers one at a time. The diskettes had not melted, all corporate papers were intact.

"Thank you Schwab you saved our business."

- Mary Jo Bloom, President

Bank of the Sierra Fire
Date: October 1, 1991

Five fireproof filing cabinets purchased from your company survived the natural fire disaster, containing loan documents vital to Bank of the Sierra's survival as well as all the bank's history contained in board minutes dating back to the founding of the Bank. We were certainly glad we had made the investment in these cabinets.

"Thank you Schwab you saved our business."

- Margie L. Mathis, A.V.P./Director of Marketing

Natural Fire Disaster Bank of the Sierra Fire

Cole Hardwood Fire
Date: June 13, 1998

Cole Hardwoods Fire

On June 13, 1998, Cole Hardwood, Inc. had a horrible fire, and we lost ten buildings, including the office.

We had previously purchased three of the Schwab fireproof safes, and they were in the upstairs office. These safes fell to the ground, and still survived the fire. We were amazed at the quality of the contents.

I am very impressed that these safes held up under such intense heat. I would highly recommend any business owner to purchase this safe to protect their business records.

- Milton Cole, CEO

Fire at Cole Hardwoods Fire disaster photo


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