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Schwab DataFORTRESS™ - Backup Data Cabinet

The DataFORTRESS™ is a complete on-site secure housing unit for your Back-up system. This patented fire resistant media vault is H.I.P.A.A. compliant - making it the preferred data backup system for many hospitals and medical clinics. Carrying the UL 72 1-hour fire and impact rating, the DataFORTRESS™ can be custom built with a wide variety of Tape, USB or other backup hard-drives - or used in conjunction with your existing server system. For more information on the DataFORTRESS™ Information Safeguard System™, please visit

High Security Lock
High Security
UL Rated Class 350 One Hour
UL Class 72
Fire Rating
Explosion Rating
Impact Resistant Rating
30 ft Impact
  • Works with Tape or Disc Drives
  • Equipped with Necessary Cabling Tailored to YOUR system.
  • Patented Media Vault

Product Specifications / High Security Lock Options
Customized Interior Accessories / Color Options


Schwab Corp. DataFORTRESS, HIPAA Compliant Technology

All Schwab Corp. media vaults and data cabinets carry both the one (1) -hour UL Rated Class 125 rating and UL 72 Rating. Schwab Corporation is the worldwide leader in manufacturing of fire safe files, data & media safes, fire safe cabinets and vault & file room doors. To speak to an experienced customer service representative call Toll Free 1-800-428-7678



DataFORTRESS Fireproof Media Safe Vault