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Schwab Fireguard® Record Safes

Fireguard® EDP safes from Schwab Corp. are secure, fire rated record storage safes for vital record protection. If you're looking for fire safe office document storage, then Schwab is your choice for the security of your business records and documents. Carrying the UL Class 350 1-hour fire and impact rating, Fireguard™ record safes from Schwab Corp. protect thousands of businesses every day.

High Security Lock
High Security
UL Rated Class 350 One Hour
UL Class 350
Fire Rating
Explosion Rating
Impact Resistant Rating
30 ft Impact

Standard equipped with a Group 2 key-change combination lock and a UL certified re-locking device to set the bolts if the lock is punched in a burglary attempt. Optional digital locks, x-ray proof locks or key-locking combination dials provide added security for theft and espionage protection. Available in three standard sizes and seven standard colors

Product Specifications / High Security Lock Options
Customized Interior Accessories / Color Options


Schwab Corp. Fireguard® Record Storage Safes

All Schwab Corp. record safes are UL Certified with a 1-hour UL Rated Class 350 rating. Schwab Corporation is the worldwide leader in manufacturing of fire resistant files, data & media safes, fire safe cabinets and vault & file room doors. To speak to an experienced customer service representative call Toll Free 1-800-428-7678



Schwab Fireguard Fireproof Record Safe

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