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About Schwab Corp.
The Most Trusted Name in Secure Vital Records Protection.

Schwab Corporation, established in 1872 in Lafayette, IN is the leading manufacturer worldwide for high security & fire resistant files, safes, cabinets and vault doors. As the most recognized name in fire protection and security of vital records, Schwab Corp has set the standard for over 136 years with a commitment to customer service, proven design & protection, and revolutionary new product releases.

With the most experienced professional dealership network in the United States, Schwab Corporation’s trusted history and management team has established our complete product line as the standard worldwide for the commercial, architectural, industrial and residential markets.

Proven: Best Design, Quality and Disaster Protection

Leader: High Security, Appearance, Delivery and Customer Support

The Schwab Corporation product line is built not just to meet industry requirements for Fire Protection for Vital Records; we build them to set the standard in superior quality, protection and security. We’ve never had a product fail to protect our customers vital records.

Our entire line of Fireguard® safes, media cabinets, record cabinets, Schwab Fire Files and vault,file and saferoom doors are proof of quality when experience and a fundamental dedication to excellence combine.

Schwab Corp.
900 Linden Avenue, Rochester, NY 14625
Phone: 800-428-7678
Fax: 585-381-2940

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