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Manfred Purtzki Accounting Firm Fire - date unknown

Purtzki2.GIF (30456 bytes)Now that the fire which destroyed my office is many months behind me, I realize even more now than at the time how much I owe to my Schwab filing cabinet. I kept all my client files and my computer disks in my fireproof cabinet which withstood the intense heat of the fire and even the fall to the cement floor of the basement level of the building. I was amazed that the paper files were intact but even more astonished to find that I was able to retrieve the data from the computer disks.

Other occupants of the building were not so fortunate. I have watched other firmsPurtzki1.GIF (31121 bytes) struggle to reconstruct records and particularly the law firms which lost valuable legal documents. These firms will continue to be handicapped by this loss which has affected their client base built up over many years and will affect their earnings for many years in the future.

Disks and equipment can be insured and replace easily, but the client information is the heart of my practice and I must say that the Schwab cabinet has proved that it is the best insurance I could possibly have against the loss of this information.

Manfred Purtzki, Chartered Accountant

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