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Penny Golden's House Fire - January 19, 1999

Well, I never thought I would be writing a letter like this.  Most people, me included, think it can never happen to them.

I have always sold our product with confidence that if a fire occurred the records stored within would be protected.  I was also quick to point out what the loss of such vital records would mean.  Now I can give a first hand testimony.  On January 19, 1999 our house burnt.  We lost almost everything.  However, my two Schwab fire resistant files came thru with flying colors.  They successfully protected not only our vital documents but also irreplaceable family pictures.  My husband is such a believer he has told everybody the two things they really shouldn't do without are smoke detectors and Schwab fire files.  If anybody doubts the need for such protection, they can give me a call.  I'll be able to give a personal account of how devastating a fire can be and how important it is to open your file and find things such as insurance documents, birth certificates and family pictures.

Thanks for providing a product that does what it claims.  If I didn't believe before, I certainly do now!

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