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Patio1.GIF (22753 bytes)Patio Foods Fire - February 15, 1989

On February 15, 1989, Pario Foods was destroyed by fire. The fire completely destroyed the building, equipment, and contents at the restaurant. A fire inspector determined the cause of the fire originated in the basement area approximately 15 feet from the office and our Schwab safe. He determined this by locating the "hot spot" in the building.  The heat of the fire was so intense it buckled and warped steel support beams 3/8 inch thick.Patio2.GIF (33528 bytes)

Everything was completely destroyed except our Schwab safe and its contents. Items salvaged in our safe included; recipes, check book, the nights receipts, rolls of coin, and some of our corporate records. Two ordinary file cabinets located next to or Schwab safe were completely destroyed along with their contents. I will definitely purchase a Schwab product again.

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E. Joseph Daum, Secretary/Treasurer



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