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Card and Check Trays
These trays fit sideways into vertical file drawers. They are available in sizes to store 3" x 5", 5" x 8", 6" x 9", 4" x 9" and 9" x 6" documents. Lower level trays rest on the bottom of the file drawer, while upper level trays rest on the rails for hanging folders.

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Frames for Hanging Folders
Rails easily slide into slots in the drawer body to provide a frame for hanging folders. Legal-sized drawers are conveniently multi-slotted to allow users the options of filing either legal, letter, A-4, or folio-sized hanging folders.


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Follower Blocks
Designed to slide on the sides of the drawer, the follower block will conveniently keep file folders upright and in the front of the drawer.


Media Cooler

The Schwab Media COOLER can turn your fire file into one that protects computer media too! Cassettes, cartridges, compact discs and diskettes fit easily into this compact and economical case.  When the COOLER is placed inside any UL Class 350 rated product, your computer media is protected from the heat and moisture of a fire.

Schwab's Media COOLER has a spring-loaded latch that automatically seals when the lid is closed.mcooler.jpg (12201 bytes)

Maximum Capacities

1/4" Tape Cassettes: 24
3480 Cartridges: 12
5 1/4" Diskettes 96
3 1/2" Diskettes: 90
1/4" Tape Cartridges: 12
5 1/4" Optical Disks: 22
Compact Discs: 20
8mm Cartridges: 32
4mm Cartridges: 40
Jazz: 9
Zip: 28

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